Teddy Bear Cars

Teddy Bear Chocolate Cars

teddy bear mobiles


1 packet Milky Way Bars
1 packet Tiny Teddies Biscuits
1 packet Smarties
1/2 cup of Choc Melts



1. Get all your ingriedients ready in a production line on the bench. 

2. Melt the Choc Melts in a small dish in the microwave for 30 seconds, or until melted.

3. Using a thin instrument (could be a spoon, chopstick or knife), place a small amount of chocolate onto a Smartie and then stick gently onto the Milky Way Bar. Repeat 3 more times for each wheel. 

4. Holding the Milky Way Bar by its sides, gently press a Tiny Teddy into the chocolate. 

5. Repeat until you've got a set of Teddy Bear Cars. Enjoy!