Ruby's Trivia Quiz

What is Ruby Wishfingers' middle name?


What does Ruby like to eat for lunch?

Strawberry jam sandwiches

Who is Mrs Cottesloe?

Ruby's neighbour

Where does Granny Wishfingers live?

In a caravan at the bottom of the Wishfingers' garden

Who is Norman?

Ruby’s pet goldfish

What colour is Granny's caravan?


What kind of cat is Jupiter?

Maine Coon

Why is Jupiter such a grumpy cat?

He is always hot because he is big and hairy and not meant to live in a hot climate

What was Ruby's great, great, great, great grandfather?

A magician

What was Ruby's first wish?

That Skydancer was a real unicorn

What does Skydancer like to eat?

Curtains...uniforms, stuffing...smelly sports socks...

Who ends up in the toilet?

Norman the goldfish

What does Ruby have to play with Skydancer and Mum's antique lace tablecloth


What does Mr Wishfingers keep hidden at the top of the bookcase?

A secret jar of treats

What does Ruby eat in the garden of sweets?

A lemon-lime flavoured boiled sweet from the footpath

What falls from the sky and hits Ruby on the head?

Jellybean rain

Why does Ruby shoo away the honeycomb bees?

She is worried they may have honeycomb stingers

What colour does Skydancer's pink fur turn when he has a belly ache?


What is the world’s fastest land animal?


What does Ruby turn Skydancer into outside the bakery?

A pocket pet

Why does Ruby think Jupiter has eaten Skydancer?

Because he has glitter dust on his whiskers

How does Granny help Ruby to clean up all the mess?

She gives them both superpowers

What do Dad’s tomatoes become in the garden of sweets?

Red gobstoppers

What was the one thing Granny’s magic didn’t fix?

Jupiter still has the ability to talk

How big is Ruby’s brand new baby brother when she finds out about him?

About the size of a jellybean

What is Jellybean’s real name?

Nathaniel James Huxley Wishfingers