The Ruby Wishfingers Series

Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer's Escape 

Ruby WishfingersRuby Wishfingers is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary name. Only nobody else seems to think so. That is until Ruby Wishfingers wakes up with a strange feeling in the tips of her fingers. She soon finds out that there is far more to being a Wishfingers than having a funny name.

Ruby can wish for whatever she wants with her wish fingers. However, she soon realises that they create more trouble than good.

Ruby Wishfingers will take you on a magical adventure, featuring talking cats, jelly bean rain and pocket-sized unicorns.

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Ruby Wishfingers: Toad-ally Magic

Ruby Wishfingers 2

Ruby is back - and so are her wishes!

With a head full of plans for the holidays, Ruby’s fingertips already tingling with magic. That is, until Mum announces that Ruby’s horrible little toad of a cousin is coming to stay.

But some problems can’t just be wished away. Ruby’s wish for her cousin to turn into a real toad breaks magic’s most important rule. And when rules are broken, especially magic ones, there are always consequences.

Join Ruby and her little brother, Jellybean, on another extraordinary adventure exploring a winter wonderland, experiencing life as a slimy toad and finding out what happens when magic falls into the wrong paws!

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Ruby Wishfingers: Hide-and-Seek

Ruby Wishfingers: Hide-and-Seek

Something extraordinary is going on ... even more extraordinary than usual in the Wishfingers household! Things keep disappearing and then reappearing in the strangest of places!

Dad can’t find his lawnmower, until it mysteriously appears in an upstairs hallway. Norman’s fish tank vanishes from Ruby’s bedroom, only to turn up in the kitchen all by itself! And how on earth does Dad’s jar of treats keep finding its way into little brother Jellybean’s cot?

With Dad as nutty as a fruitcake and finger-nibbling Jellybean throwing terrible tantrums, all poor Mum can think about is a holiday. It’s up to Ruby to find out what’s going on.

 Get ready for the greatest game of hide-and-seek in this next adventure of Ruby Wishfingers.

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Ruby Wishfingers: King of the Castle

Ruby Wishfingers: King of the Castle

Ruby is back, with twelve new wishes!  And one missing wish from last spring that is still floating about in the garden somewhere...

But Ruby is wasting her new wishes trying to keep Jellybean out of mischief until she discovers the perfect wy to make Jellybean do exactly what she says. But Cousin Todd isn't so keen on doing what Ruby says.

When Todd stumbles across Ruby's missing wish he decides to teach her a lesson about being bossy, and make a few rules of his own.

 Meet Australia's new king and explore a country where school, homework, manners and peas are all banned. Discover monster trucks, giant jumping castles, furious principals and hungry crocodiles along with plenty of laughs in an all new Ruby Wishfingers adventure.

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Ruby Wishfingers: Funny Money

RW5 coversmall

It must be Ruby’s lucky day!

She keeps finding coins everywhere. But there’s something funny about this money. Why is it so bright, shiny and new looking? And where on earth is it coming from?

When Ruby’s new wishes appear much earlier than expected, she wonders if someone else in the Wishfingers’ household might be developing magical powers of their own. But who?

You can bet your bottom dollar this will be a magical adventure to remember.

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